Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

About Raid 409

The 2015 born band consisting of Mike “The Bench” Widmer (Guitar/Vocals), Iso “The Wall” Merkli (Guitar/Vocals), Dave “The Grey” Recio (Bass/Vocals) and Michael “The White Thunder” Weiss (Drums/Vocals) introduced themselves to the Rock community with their 6-track debut simply titled “EP” in 2017. Two years later they released six Singles which were later combined on the second Album Punket.

As you can say that two plus two equals four Raid 409 has been founded in 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. Over the years the four guys developed a sound they call “Dynamic Punk Rock”. Tempo changes and influences of other music genres define their unique and energetic sound. It is an all new style to the scene which fits in perfectly. Recently they released a new EP called “Punket” with hits like “My Hand” and “Gravity Girl”.

All of them took their first steps in music during childhood. They followed the roots of the Punk scene and its values since teenage years which inspired all of them early on. A few projects and bands later, they found together in a pub. After a beer council Raid 409 has been founded and sealed with blood, sweat… and beer.

Their music is all about fighting against ignorance in stubborn societies with their old-fashioned norms and ways of thinking, racism in all its forms, profiling and corruption. On the other hand they celebrate love, equality, progression, freedom and liberalism.

Raid 409 is a DIY band but the guys still have manged to put themselves on the screen of bigger venues all around Switzerland such as the “Zürifäscht” (as the winners of a band contest), “Alte Kaserne Zurich”, “Dynamo Zurich” and “JungKult Festival” in St. Gallen. They also had an international gig and shot a music video called “Telephone” in London.

Songs like “Telephone”, “Wake Up Call” and “My Hand” have regular airplay on Radio SRF 3 (Swiss national radio), Radio Zürisee, Radio FM1 and appeared in famous Spotify playlists like “Skatepark Punks”, “The Pop-Punk Revolution” and “Rocky Roads”.

Halfpipe (Official Music Video)


Directed and edited by
Simon Grässle (https://regionalvideos.ch/)

Assistant Director
Laura Toggwiler
Tamara Rohr

Shots by
Simon Grässle (online-vj.ch)
Michael Meier (@michi.adventure)
Felix Zgraggen (@zgraggen.f / Fotografie zgraggen.f)

Luca Petrig
Gian Fischer
Fanny Seger
Yvan Meier
Ramon Carlucci
Aaron Studer

Raid 409 are

Iso “The Wall”

Mike “The Bench”

Michael “The White Thunder”

Dave “The Grey”

Special Thanks to
Jörg Forrer from the GKB Skatepark Wetzikon
Raid 409 Street Team

The Skaters

Credits Recording:

Produced and Mixed by
Sebastian Schiess

Produced at
SOS Basement Recording Studio

Mastered by
Dan Suter


Press Recognition

"...I'm feeling a bit Ramones in it..."

"Yeah, they definitely have some good tracks, you should check them out!"

"It's interesting, I like it! There's a bit of a...there are a lot of different elements in there."