Many thanks to Sebi from SOS Basement Recording Studio and our Street Team, Families and Friends!

Artwork: Laura Toggwiler
Recordings: SOS BASEMENT recordingstudio

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Standing here watching the tide
I am waiting for a sign
To guide me through the swamp
As I see the setting sun
I’ve been waiting for so long
For this sign to come
And now I realise
That I’m the one in disguise

It’s time to rip down your mask
No need to second-guess
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey
Bring the system down to fall
Throw it all against the wall
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Come on and scream it with me
It’s time to be free
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey

I was too afraid to ask
If I really need a mask
I’ve come to the point
I need to disjoin
I’m gonna be myself
Throw the lies in to hell
I’m turning back to be
Join me and you’ll see

Oh this system has to end
And I won’t further bend
Why won’t you just let me be
I just want to be free

Beach Party


Many thanks to Sebi from SOS Basement Recording Studio and our Street Team, Families and Friends!


Let’s go down to the beach today
The girls will be there they said
This fucking party’s gonna be so tough
There will be much booze and other stuff

Now I’m going downtown
Sticking my tube in your underground
I say yeah and you just scream
Sex on the beach for you and me

Beach, sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Baby you’re tuning my mood on
Boobs, booze, dope and the party goes on
Girl you’re really turning me on
Girl I’m getting out of control
Girl you’re really turning me on

I go up and you go low
Now it’s time for you to blow
So now it goes, on and on
I wanna do this all night long



Hey guys,

Finally our first single under our first record label deal is out now! Your support for less than two bucks would mean the world to us because it would push the song into the Swiss charts!

Just click the link, go to iGroove and follow the instructions to get the presale of “Halfpipe”:
Our target is to get into the charts that allows us to get more attention for gigs, radios and so on.

The band Raid 409 thanks you in advance for sharing the link to friends you think they might like our music as well!


Design: Laura Toggwiler
Recordings: SOS BASEMENT recordingstudio


I’m always looking back when school was off
I was running outside
Picking up my board life’s so short jumping on let’s go on
Can’t feel my heartbeat, I’m so fast
Not looking back into the past

Not looking back into the past

Let’s get a ride got my friends on my side
Jumping down a halfpipe
I’m on the top, don’t wanna stop
Jumping down a halfpipe
Controlling my board ‘cause life’s so short
Jumping down a halfpipe

Tom had a brand-new BMX he wanted to do it like in SSX
Jumps on the rail but no fail (no fail, no fail)
Even if we fell down we didn’t care
We didn’t care ‘cause the pain was shared
Can’t feel my heartbeat, I’m so fast
Not looking back into the past

Not looking back into the past



Many thanks to Sebi from SOS Basement Recording Studio and our Street Team, Families and Friends!

Photo: Fotografie zgraggen.f
Design: Laura Toggwiler
Recordings: SOS BASEMENT recordingstudio


How is it possible that the people are sleeping
Every day and every night they don’t know what is going
Face down to their phones they don’t realize any wrong
Like zombies full alive they don’t know who they’re following

Shouting in your face I just wanna wake you up
Calling for your mind I just wanna get you up
Telling you the truth I don’t wanna set you up
So won’t you now get up to get notice what is up
I don’t care what people say
I don’t care what people are saying

Maybe you can’t hear but a punch will get you go
May not be received but in this case you will fall
Walking through with closed eyes won’t give us a solution
Head phones in your ears they are telling you’re hip and cool

The rich men and thepolitics are filling up their bags
Fully loaded senseless shit you care but not for that
I really miss the early days, the days where all the people cared
Revolutions everywhere the rich bags were fucking scared

The same question every morning
After reading my daily shit
Some are pics and some are stories
How hard can mainstream hit
What the fuck did I just read
I don’t care about your clit
Less regard is what you need
I’d like to give you a hit

Why I’m using Facebook it’s fucking lame 
It’s pisses me of everytime it’s the same
Humanity is throwing their brains away
It’s for fun and there’s nothing to feel ashamed

The girls are acting like they are whores
Cause they wanna be intelligent
With posting a lot of poor quotes
First hit googled it bitch
Selfies from an ugly prick, smile fakes in every pic
90% bathroom is nailing it
God I’m getting sick of it, how can I get out of this
I think I’m fucking trapped in it

I’m walking down an empty street
And no one is watching me
I don’t really think about it
‘Cause it’s very late outside
This party was fucking awesome
It really degenerated
And now I’m fucking drunken
I’m actually strolling now back home

Tripping over a homless man
After having a drink again
Puked again rolling over
Then I’ll smoke my last one
How the fuck did I just get here
I’m the deepest woods
I gotta do something soon
But I’m actually standing on my porch

Yeah it was a party like projekt x
Sex, drugs and rock n roll yeah it was superb
Baby I need some alcohol
l so fill me up instead
Fuck this shit I puked a bit so now you can go on

Now I’m lying in my bed
After beating up some jerks
Puked again, rolling over
Thinking it was really worth it
How the fuck did I just get here
I can see the moon
I gotta do something soon
But I belong to you My Hand

Because my hand is free for meIt’s still my favourite
It’s not complaining shitIt will never cheat on me

Here we are
Once again
Fighting about the things we have said
Why can’t we
Just leave it
‘Cause it’s freaking me out and I can’t do it anymore

Why don’t you leave me
My heart is broken
I don’t want to see you
Cause you’ve stolen my smile

We say goodbye
My heart feels like someone is ripping it out
Why don’t we
Just stay together
Cause I can’t live without you by my side

Too many sleepless nights
Too many useless fights
Why won’t you just go away

Babe at this point we got it all wrong
Change can be good that’s what you want
There’re some mistakes that’s everyones fault
Cannot look into your eyes for what you have done

Our love has ended the sign is showing stop
No one could have helped us cause our love’s gone
No one thought twice
Never look back cause
There’s nothing for me to do

Babe you got time to do the right thing
Babe you got time to do the right thing
You did not that’s why we drifted apart
Maybe someday we will look back as far

Haven’t I’ve done enough for you and for everyone
They say this can be fixed but we went to far
Why this other guy what have I done
Cannot look into your eyes for what you have done

Not thinking too much about the feelings
If someone’s gone you’re replacing it
No one can be mad at you you stay in place
Cause gravity’s so strong like in outta space

She’s like the sun always in the middle
If she’s not, you’ll see what’s in her middle
A burning heart burning for everyone
But she doesn’t have to care for anyone

What you gonna do when you don’t have to
Cause everyone has been trapped by you
What you gonna do when I gotta break out
Will you let me in or burning me out

She’s a Gravity Girl
You can’t escape her

Gravity girl you shine so bright
Won’t you keep me more than tight
Everyone has to circle around
Everyone has to care about



We’d like to thank:

Our Street Team for the huge support at our gigs:
Reto Moser (merchandise/roadie), Zgraggen Felix (photographer), Laurin Zubler (sound engineer), Laura Toggwiler (graphic designer) and Beat Widmer (motivator/listener/roadie)

Our producers at CH-Production GmbH – Tonstudio for giving us a finishing touch:
Lucas Briccos and Chris Haffner (Myron)

And our fans, you guys are the blood in our veins! Keep on rocking and have a good time with us!


It’s a goal but not very liked
You’re in also out
All that you want is to tell her
But you don’t know where it leads you

You’re in and out there’s no turnaround
You’re in my friend, it’s called the Friendzone
You’re out my friend, she’s gonna take another one

True story don’t think you gonna make it
The world you built is full of maybes
Sure sometimes it isn’t so bad
Enjoy time you had spend

I’m sick of it
I heard it too many times
Those fucked denials
You are too bad (no)
You are too slow (no)
You are too dumb, no no no

Two damn letters
Make me angry
Those fucking refusals
You are too late (no)
You always hesitate (no)
You have too less experience

I won’t back down anymore
I will go on till it’s done
I won’t feel sorry for anyone
I will fight back till you’re gone

My time has come
I’ll fuck you up
I’ll won’t stop ‘till you’re down
You won’t win
You are too low
I’ll make you go go go

Be persistent, don’t surrender, never give up and keep on trying
A no won’t stop me I’ll make it just be patient and keep on fighting

I won’t back down anymore
I will go on ’till it’s done
I won’t feel sorry for anyone
I will fight back till you’re gone
I’ll make the others fall
And then I wanna take it all

I’m sitting in an empty room there’s nothing but a telephone
I don’t know what to do the telephone is not in use
And so I’m gonna write a song about this fucking telephone
And sing it up down all night long

Hey get me outta here
I want you to be next to me
So I can hold you in my arms and steal you a kiss
Hey it’s so empty here
I want you to be next to me
So I can fucking love you girl and I want you to love me too

I’m still sitting in this room, then suddenly rings the telephone
I pick it up and it was you I don’t know what to say
You find the right words for me and now it is all clear to see
That you will love me too in every way

Now you’re standing in front of the door asking to come in

Then I say…

Who the fuck do you think are gonna leave you with a scar
Gonna punch you in your face in a pace that will put you in your place
Talking shit every day and night will now put you in a fight
Don’t wanna let you go gonna fight until your gone

It’s all about pride now it’s man against man
You know it’s on now are you fucking scared
Last man standing the winner’s the star
No one want’s to lose each fighter’s walking tall

When I look at you I think at hate the hate I see
The anger’s rising now gonna beat you anyhow
The time is now let’s going on let’s start a fucking show
When it’s over we will part I won’t miss you when you’re gone

I’m really down and lying in my bed now
Thinking about what I’ve done today
Not sure what to do my life is not great
Getting outta hole is not so easy as it could be

Let’s start it over I’m done with this shit
Let’s pretend that I’m jumping down a cliff
Out of the ashes I’m rising up free
Far from my past I’m jumping down a cliff

Imagine a world where everything is going fine
No one must cry about the things that I did
Maybe there’s a heaven but I must let it be
The way to get there earlier shouldn’t be seen

Everyone has his ups and downs
I should be satisfied for the little things right now
If I get rid of my negative mind
There will be space for a better kind of mine

Sometimes I can’t say yes
It’s more a maybe but I don’t like that
Baby It’s nothing personal you know
I’m trying to be next to you

I got nothing to lose
But I wasn’t ready for you
To be true I got to many thoughts in my head
Sometimes distance isn’t that bad

People to the left work to the right
I don’t have the time to do it all right
I wish I could be always be with you
Right next to the heart of you